Sound Recording and Mixing  at My Studio Bad Racket in Cleveland

Sound Recording and Mixing  at My Studio Bad Racket in ClevelandJames Kananen Audio Engineer Music Producer Cleveland Ohio

Sound recording at my audio recording studio downtown Cleveland as owner of my own studio is easy to accomplish. The studio has been designed to enhance your recordings and our state of the art technology and room within a room construction provides an environment, where my skills as an audio engineer provide guidance to ensure quality. I have extensive experience with vocal recording for rock, rap, hip hop, and classical sand spoken word styles, as well as as jazz, ensemble, chamber and choral projets. Your project starts with excellence at our studio or on location with our location recording packages. You choose the right venue for your music, but you can bet if you choose us, you’ll get higher quality for less money. Our recording studio is a comfy places to recording mix and edit sound recordings and we have a selection of studio monitors and headphones so you’ll know your mixes will translate to different playback systems. With professional studio acoustic treatment and design, including floating floors, shock mount walls and movable sound partitions, we can adapt to almost any project small or large without introducing unwanted bleed.


We have provided voices overs for commercial clients, and rap and hip hop musicians, with an appropriate sound for both commercial clients and musicians. We continually work in the studio and remotely and have recorded and engineer recordings of many genres. We have people that play bass or drums as well as guitarists and singers, and we have many talents which have been forged through a lot of experience in the music and sound recording business. Give me a call to visit my recording studio and talk about your music today via the contact form on!