Recording Audio And Music in the Recording Studio

Recording Audio And Music at my Studio in Cleveland 

Recording Studios Mixing and Mastering in ClevelandRecording

Multi Function Recording Studio and Post PRoduction Facility
I do all kinds of recording. As a professional audio engineer since 2008 I have a lot of experience with high level technical aspects of music and sound recording. I have experience with everything from Front of House A1 positions at small and medium sized venues and events, and expertise in operation of professional sound equipment for superior sound quality in a wide variety of situations. From small intimate settings, to huge 100+ people concerts, I help determine the best placement and setup of audio and recording equipment, as well as speakers, amplifiers, sound equipment, and microphones. I can operate digital and analog audio consoles and provide level control, feedback cancelation, and managing multiple audio feeds from different speakers. I can provide customized sound reinforcement and staging in a wide variety of room layouts and participant arrangements. As an audio and sound technician, I have gained a vast amount of experience in the audio and video industry.

Mixing Studio

I am experienced in the field of sound and audio mixing. I am currently functioning in a leadership role at the best studio in Ohio, Bad Racket. I may solicit input from the client, or function independent. with a concise attention to technical excellence. I may assist with decision making, delegation, or mix decisions within your project as we progress towards total client satisfaction.

Mastering Studio

I am motivated towards excellence and experienced with customer interaction. I am intrinsically motivated towards personal excellence, and my particular expertise in music and sound mastering can be useful to you to ensure quality of final audio masters. I may also be responsible for uploading and submitting files to ACX, FTP servers, or using wetransfer to transfer files to the producer or production assistant.

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