Smooth Sailing: Process for Production Progress in the Recording Studio

Smooth Sailing: Process Production Progress in the Recording StudioBad Racket Studio Dog Dorothy Big Furr Ball

Communication: The Cat’s Meow in the Pre-Production Process

Let’s talk about your music now. You can’t just jump in the car and hit go, you have to plan out your trip, turn the engine on and let the engine warm up, turn your lights on and slowly back up and line up ready to hit the gas. If you don’t have a clear plan to what you’re trying to accomplish and plan the logistics of making your audio or video project, you might not have the right equipment or crew in place, or even scheduling the right people around everyones complicated schedules to get the right people within the time frame you need.

During the creative pre-production consultation we can figure out the details of your production.  Of course, I give the same attention to detail and planning to the small projects as huge collaborations, but regardless, we need to have a conversation about your goals for the project, the logistics of recording, and schedule studio time  or plan a production schedule to meet your delivery deadlines.

My job is to maximize quality by using the best equipment available, collaborating with top tier talent, and maximizing the time we have to get the best possible results.

The key to making your winning shot is the set up.  –James Kananen

People do the work in almost every scenario, and if there was a winning preset or one method for achieving success, we’d all be doing the same thing. Everyone brings something different to the table, and lets make your dream production happen. We can hire camera crew, expand your collaboration with celebrity guest features, or help with crafting something for placement in a commercial or a film.

By exploring various options ahead of time, we can perfect the idea that becomes the final concept. This initial framework makes the final result more cohesive and our plan to lock down several options of a winning concept, instead of 100 different ideas makes the results so much better in the end.

Production for  Studio Recording or Video Production

At the very least you should have your lyrics or script already worked out. I can help with your song development, or video production concept details. I can help with script writing, lyric writing, or storyboarding a framework for your successful execution in the studio or elsewhere. If we know what elements we will be capturing, we can perfect the angles and whatever performance aspects we may need to tweak to capture the content that we can later mix down, edit and present in the best way possible to the viewers, listeners, and audiences around the world!

Let’s make production fun again! If you’re stressed, and nervous, don’t worry, because there’s always take 2 in the studio!

If you’re properly practiced with a clear plan, you will know you can do a great job, and hopefully you’re excited to get it out and be done! You can always do one practice take to warm up and get out the jitters, and we always save all the takes just in case take 1 is amazing, but whether its a video shoot, or audio recording project, you may want to have a few takes of every part just to to choose the best takes. We help you with every stage of your media production, from production crews and gear, to casting, securing locations, and I have the expertise to help get this ship towards our destination!

Editing Mixing and Post Production

Getting lost in the details can be a real pitfall when you start capturing captivating continent in the studio or downloading content captured in the field or elsewhere, blending it and piecing the best parts together into a cohesive narrative. Having a highly skilled production team and having the right tools can mean the difference between your takes sounding and looking patchy and pieced together, or having a story told effortlessly and seamlessly with professional audio sounding great or video looking compelling and larger than life.

Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering in the studio

Once we capture all the elements and hopefully have a good idea what takes we want to use for the final version, I can help edit the footage down or re-record parts in the booth. I have a full recording studio with foley stage, mixing stage and voice over booth ready for recording, mixing, or producing a variety of musical or other dramatic performance to match the sounds you want.

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