Corporate Videos

I help coordinate corporate videos filmed on location, or at Bad Racket Recording Studio. Music videos are just a small portion of video content im a part of. We help make the best marketing videos for all types of businesses, from large fortune 500 to local mom and pops.

Producing a video for your company or brand isn’t easy, and it seems like everyone these days is making a video for their business, vlog, youtube channel or social media marketing. Video is a large portion of the consumer marketing and brand awareness efforts of marketers.

Video productions can get complicated, so when you’re filming and producing a corporate video, managing all the video editing, color correction,m animation and motion graphics, creative concept and on location shoots or in studio video production can be a hassle.

That’s where I come in…

All your Production Staff Needs

Ask about one price tag for everything. Instead of risking spending a ton of time managing different service vendors and tracking goals and different video services, get a one-stop-shop for staff, creative talent, equipment, and locations, as well as a full staff of editors, artists, lighting, colorists, and VFX specialists, to make sure your video has maximum production and entertainment value.

Live action and on site productions include full camera crew and state of the art equipment. Whether it’s a lifestyle, branding, or short, we can shoot live, and supplement the video with music and effects to give a commercial ready look to your production. Let’s get together and talk about reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness. By making high quality content that can pop up in your instagram or facebook feed, we connect with consumers on a personal level to create memorable, and actionable results for people interested in your brand or product.

Videos have a high return on investment, and are scalable to almost any audience size. From laptops, to smartphones, a video is just a click away from someone’s pocket who might be your next customer. You can market your videos through multiple streams including email, website, social, and become the heart of almost any other digital marketing strategy you can think of.

Videos produced by your company have your message and your identity, so it’s important that the backbone of your video production includes your creative vision to guide our perspective as an insider to your organization. Whether its a CEO profile, or an annual sales report, I can help create excitement for data and showcase your story, your team, and establish the branding of your company with your core values.


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