Professional Karaeoke or other Voice Over Recording

I do professional voice over and karaoke vocal recording at Bad Racket Recording studios. If you already have the instrumental, or you do Karaoke to accompanied or some other sort of beat or even acapella. Whether its a cover, or an original, we can use the same professional recording tools and professional skills and services

In the Production Studio with Crew or Team

I can help you if you need any of the following: Animation | Graphic Artist Art Department | Props | Practical Special Effects Camera Operator | DP, Digital Media Director | Producer, Film | TV | Production Crew, Lighting | G and E, Live Event Crew | AV Technician, Location Scout | Location Manager Makeup

How to Become a Music Producer

A music producer makes music. So how will you make music? A music producer can work with musicians who play instruments, or play the instruments. From kick drum sounds, to the final vocal, the music producer is instrumental in crafting your sound. You need to create music. That’s really it. Almost anyone can be a