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Audio Engineer

AI Songwriting Generation

Here are some songs made using free ai lyric generator. I love using AI tools for my song writing. You might think I am against Artificial Intelligence, but you can see how lyrics and music collide together to unleash new creative powers. Use an Ai Assistant to make music magic. AI lyrics and songs are

Professional Recording Studio Opportunity

Hello, my name is James Kananen and I’m the owner and operator of Bad Racket Recording studio in Cleveland, OH. I have a lot of experience with music technology and I would love for you to see my recording studio. I do recording in the booth, as well as effects and mixing for audio as

Music Production and Recording

At Bad Racket recording studio, music production and recording is a breeze. You can hire me professionally to produce record mix and master your music, sound, or voice over project. I specialize in helping artists connect with audiences, and am committed to a high level of artistic integrity. Whether you’re new to recording and songwriting,