Bad Racket: My Recording Studio in Cleveland

Bad Racket: My Recording Studio in Cleveland

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Bad Racket is a recording studio located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It is a creative vehicle for my work as an audio recording engineer and mixer in Ohio. I’ve worked on numerous albums and different corporate recording projects like Nico Missile, Cloud Nothings, Seafair, and Two Hand Fools. I do audio mixing, mastering, music recording and production, voice over recording, audio book recording, and audio post production. In other words, I am the one who knows what all the buttons and knobs do, and the one who wraps up the cables at the end.

Bad Racket Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio

With over 3000 sq ft of recording space Bad Racket is a one of a kind performance space. We allow dogs beer and wine. Smoking is allowed outside. No motorcycles inside. Subject to additional terms and condition, void where prohibited. As a multi dimensional artists I maker art in a wide variety of manifestations from live sound installations to recorded music and song.

I arrange and compose music for bands, movies, and theater plays. If you are in need of original music for your project or if you are just looking for a record producer I’d be more than willing to work with most anyone and I’d be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch.

Modern and Vintage Tools

I use analog and vintage effects synthesizers, apple computers, audio interfaces, microphones by Neumann, and Sennheiser, as well as DAWs like Logic and Pro Tools, Nuendo, Ableton, and Cubase as well as Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synthesizer, Drums, and percussion.


Recording is all about getting the highest quality possible. To me it means creative colors and tones that sound rough and wonderful to help identify a sound in the mix. I use analog gear like handmade preamps, and outboard gear in an unconventional setup with a specific sound that can bring specific colors to a project. I work with an analog front end to a digital environment where I can work in an efficient manner adjusting the EQ and loudness of sounds, as well as adding effects and samples to ensure the highest audio quality. I record music in my studio located in Cleveland, Ohio and offer location recording with mobile recording gear, as well as travel to other studios.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing is all about fine tuning the balance of individual tracks creating space, while putting the spotlight on the important parts a the right time in the song. Many years of experience with Logic and Pro Tools has allowed me to use my skills to craft a song out of the raw tracks. In order to get the best results, we take several takes and listen back for the best performance. I work closely with several mastering engineers, as well as master other peoples songs. Mastering is the final equalization of the highs and the lows and everything in between, as well as adjusting the overall volumes of the song. From my recording studio in Cleveland, I offer mixing and mastering at competitive rates and the highest quality.


Music Production

For movies, theater and plays, the first step is to mark up the script with the director to identify key points that will define the musical backdrop of the score. What kind of music and what types of sounds work best will be determined, including enhancing moments of drama, and decoding the dramaturgy of the scenes. We will create the careful planning and selection of key musical works that will define the sonic landscape of the work. Its all about working on a variety of projects over a wide spectrum of works. Comedy, drama, crime, rock and roll, Electro, Indie and hip hop all are in different styles, with production ranging from minimalist styles to elaborate arrangements for many musicians.

All about the Music

Its all about creating the perfect match between artist, and the listener. The perfect sound created on a whole new level. My goal is to achieve the highest quality possible in every recording. While much relies on the talent of the artist, I can offer pre made music from a vast library of songs, all of which can be licensed for commercial use.