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Meet James Kananen: Contract Sound Engineerjames kananen contract sound engineer

I’d like to join your award winning team and help create new entertainment innovation for the future. I can mix science with art and high tech with vintage vibes. I mix computer code with analog audio devices and you can see and hear my work everywhere from movie theaters to smartphones. I want to help revolutionize how people create and deliver content and produce the highest quality content possible. To do that you need the best talent, and I can make a real difference, earning your respect though my hard working attitude through challenging projects. I have a wide variety of skills in Live Sound Engineering, Recording,¬† and Live Audio Production and i am the Senior Staff Engineer at Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland¬†

I work with a diverse group of producers, administrators and directors to ensure success and support of our customers and clients. We provide creative support for broadcast, live sound, recording studio and live video services. I focus on creating the highest quality audio and sound content. On a daily basis, i create audio content for the private sector, government and nonprofit entities coordinating live events and personalized audio for sports and customers in many different industries. I use the information gained through my experiences to help you entertain customers through amazing audio and video experiences and technologies that will blow your mind. I can adapt to unique signal paths and work in a flexible role to support regular global travel outside of regular office hours and on weekends and for extended periods.

I provide continual guidance for my customers. giving instruction and training to associates and providing customers with outside advice regarding their production and broadcast needs and design issues. I mix and master audio from my studio in Cleveland Ohio.

I work closely with directors, producers, artists and partner to deploy audio and video into the market. I engage with the community and provide my mixing and sound expertise to consultants to revitalize and energize the create experience. I actively maintain awareness of key industry issues and entertainment practices including and up to date commercial studio services market viability portfolio.

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