Contact Me: James Kananen from Bad Racket Studio In Cleveland, Ohio

James Kananen Audio Recording, Production, and Sound Design

I’m passionate about creative sound and audio recording, mixing, and mastering. Lets take your music to the next level and with creative solutions to potential pitfalls. I have experience with almost any production style including:

James Kananen Audio Engineer Cleveland Ohio

  • Recording Studio manager
  • Recording Producer
  • Record Producer
  • Music Producer
  • Audio Post Production
  • Audio Engineer
  • Apple Logic Engineer
  • Pro Tools Engineer
  • Radio Show Production
  • Audio Remixer
  • Podcast Recording
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Recordist
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Cleveland, Ohio

Contact Me  or Check out My Music and Production Reel

Give me a call TEXT ME 216 309 2882 or send me an email. I do all sorts of recording, audio post production, sound recording, audio post production, sound design, music production, commercial voice over, podcast production, film production, and more.

My Recording Studio in Cleveland

From my Recording studio in Cleveland, I offer world class audio production. I specialize in audio supervision and music and sound production in the recording studio, on set, and for commercial and professional videos and films. I produce high quality world class  sound and audio production and creative sound designer services.

Experience and an All Star Team to Back it Up

With over a decade of experience, this isn’t a part time job for me, it’s a profession. Working to bring you high quality sound and music production for projects of almost any scale. We are comfortable working with large and small teams, as part as larger productions, or working one on one.

With every new project, we talk about the best way to make your goals a reality, and I bring the same level of quality and professionalism to every session or project. I have been recording and mixing for a long time, and with a lot of experience, I’m not going to waste your time messing around, and instead aim to exceed your expectations from the start.

Contact me. I am active in the Cleveland, Ohio area since 2009, as well as PA, Pittsburg, LA, NY, Detroit, Michigan, Cincinnati, Buffalo, NY, Chicago Indianapolis Indiana, numerous other ares, and I look forward to working with the best people in new areas across the world!

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