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Music Production in My Studio in Cleveland or Collaborating Online

Music Production is a breeze at my recording studio in Cleveland.  Every great recording starts with a great performance, And I beleive getting the right vibe for your creative vision is the most important thing in any music production. As a mix engineer and music producer in Cleveland, I do all sorts of Pop, Rock, Heavy, EDM, Indie, Alternative, Folk, Classical, ,and Hip Hop and Rap Music production from my studio in downtown Cleveland.

About Music Production with Me At Bad Racket

as a mix engineer, record producer, songwriter, and audio engineer I record and produce music at my recording studio in Downtown Cleveland, near east 23rd street. I’ve spent more than 10 years producing and mixing many different types of music including, punk, metal, country, film scores, R&B, with signed and undiscovered artists. My experience has led me to material shared across the airwaves, and on the internet everywhere.

I work from my Recording Studio in Cleveland.

Check out our reviews on Google, and some of the latest songs we’ve been working on. It’s clear, we’ve produced some amazing results, from heavy sounds, to light and transparent, we can lay down the tracks to create something really cool. Let’s get to know one another’s taste, try out new creative ideas, and try some things that might really blow your mind. My ideas and creative inspiration can improve your tracks and bring your music to the next level. My recording facility in Cleveland is the best around, and from the backing tracks to the final vocals, we strive to get the right vibe, for mixes that are on point. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to improve your music, or just trying to do your own thing, we can work with you to improve your music with creative ideas that sound better than the regular run of the mill sound, and my production tips and tricks can get your the best results you’ve ever had.

You’ll Love Working with Me

I have a really great attitude, and I know how to talk to artists and get the best results possible. I’m a humble audio engineer,but you’ll be blown away by my talent and professionalism. , but I know the workflow and have a nice environment to record and professional grade recording equipment. I am meticulous and don’t cut corners. I always give it 100% and you’ll love my honesty and instinct. Im very professional and easy to work with, and talented. I just know how to make vocals Pop and sound amazing. If you’re willing to co-write a song I’m always down. I always work really hard at everything. I can’t wait for our next session!

I would love to work with you for your commercial voice over, EP or single. I’m a talented producer who immediately understands the style and sound you are going for.

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