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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bad Racket has been a Recording studio since 2009, at our second location in Downtown Cleveland, My studio is the best in Cleveland, and Ohio. I am easy to get along with with a customer service based approach, and the best value among music production and commercial recording studios in Ohio.

For small local projects, or internationally acclaimed brands, We are fully capable for any level of production. I have a very solid knowledge of audio and expertise mixing and mastering audio for many different types of projects.

I’m excited to be able to bring your ideas to life, many people highly recommend our studio for an affordable professional recording studio perfect for all your recording studio services.

My experience with a variety of projects in my room within a room construction and superior sound isolation in my state of the art recording studio Bad Racket utilizes vintage and modern techniques to ensure a good experience. I have recorded orchestral, spoken word, camber, choral, jazz, and solo music projects as well as radio commercials, TV Ads, audio for film and video. Your next project could start with me helping you record in our recording studio, mixing down the tracks in our amazing listening and control room, and editing and final mixing, and mastering is all available here, with CD and Duplication services available from discmakers.com or A2Z in Parma.

Studio Recording

My studio is designed for audio recording, with acoustic treatment and diffusor panels, floated floors, and studio grade air conditioning and heating system, we have the microphones and panels as well as movable partitions and windows into each of the rooms to facilitate large recording projects.

Remote Recording or Mixing

We do mixing and recording on location. From your home, or choose another venue to record your music. We can mix audio recorded at home, churches, or on a filming location. With our amazing control room, we have a comfy place to mix and edit your project to perfection. I have a selection of my favorite studio monitors as well as headphones available to see how your mixes may translate to different playback systems.

Studio Facility

Our legendary 1000 sq ft project studio became a huge 3,500 ft facility with attached 13,000 sq ft recording spaces, we host 5 recording studios and a fully equipped video editing suite. Right Next door is Black Valve Media a Video Services Based Company. We are working in a facility equipped with a fully stocked collection of analog and digital gear. Our goal is to provide you with the best recording experience possible, all within our comfortable and creative environment. In the heart of Downtown, our beautiful professionally acoustically designed and treated recording facility is ready for your next production.

Our studio is a full service production company and recording studio headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio next to the historic Superior Arts District. Cleveland is where the term rock and roll was first used, and rock lives here at Bad Racket Recording Studio. From producing audio for film and video, as well as web development and digital distribution, we have a professional in house staff for audio engineering and video production;. Bad Racket brings your creative visions to life. Even if you’re just starting your career, we have the skills and experience to make you sound and look like a veteran. We want to be the studio you can call home, where you can trust our industry standard sound will make your project the best it can be.

Our team works with brands, and individuals, small businesses, and large corporations and non profit organizations  to create the most engaging and stimulating content to connect with new audiences. We see to build a presence and influence in our style and attention to every detail, so lets start the conversation to make your creative vision first priority. Together we can help achieve your goals. We have the passion and love for the work and the experience to make your ideas come into fruition. We are helping shape the culture of the world by providing a creative platform for creators to create.

Control Room at Bad-Racket-Recording-Studio-Cleveland-Ohio-Full

Recording at Rad Racket

By working with me, and experienced engineer who will take the time to get it right, you will capture better quality in less time than with cheaper studios. We make sure your creative vision is captured and reflected in the mix. We utilize the best state of the art equipment to recording with creative techniques that will make your tracks shine. Our comfortable recording studio is air conditioned, heated, and sealed from outside noise.

Mixing in My Studio In Cleveland

Utilizing a collaborative process, I take the time to prefect the sound to its best representation. I blend together what you recorded balancing the different elements for a professional well defined mix. Using EQ, compression and a variety of creative effects I can deliver unexpected quality.

Mastering at Bad Racket

mastering can add the final glossy sheen or make a dull mix shine. Everything can be louder, more powerful, and more focused sounding. Thin tones can be made fuller, and dry lifeless dull tracks can shine with a little EQ or special multi-band compression techniques. Is the low end too loud? Are the highs to piercing? All of these things are taken in to account when I master your tracks to perfection.

Video Production

Video Production Cleveland Ohio

Video Production Cleveland Ohio

Music Video

the easiest way to get listeners to hear your songs is a video single with stunning video to accompany it. With stunning visual effects, and the popularity of music videos online growing every day, we can help you with the creative process behind your next amazing music video.

Promotional Video

What better way to promote your brand than letting people know about your business with a high quality promotional video. Get to know your team, showcasing your business, and explaining what you do are all part of the process. We have the ideas and the people to make it happen.

Live Performance Video

Combining the best aspects of your performance together in a stunning visual masterpiece is our specialty. Fans will be amazed by your video they may even like it better than the album version! We’ve been producing Live from Bad Racket since 2009 so we know how to get it done!

Commercial Video

Share your business and brand in the internet age with a quality video. Our videos are top notch, and sharing online via facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter has never been easier. Video engages your customers with high quality footage on the latest state of the art equipment.

Video Production

Music Production

Music production from my Recording studio in Cleveland is easy and fun. With a winning attitude, and an uncompromising thirst for perfection and creative artistic freedom. If you’re saying “I was looking for recording studios near me and found Bad Racket, how can you help? I’d say “Give me a call at our Cleveland recording studio and let’s talk about your next project!

Audio Engineering

My audio engineering can range from clean and clear to big and dirty mixes, from dynamic and open, to blown out fuzz and huge wide sounds layered with distortion and creative effects like reverb, delay and spectral and colorful audio effects ranging form mild to wild.

Mixing Audio and Sound

From the recording and editing, comes the post production and effects and anything thats needed to polish your recordings.

Since I moved badracket to downtown Cleveland 4 years ago, I have continued to raise the bar for recording and production in Cleveland. For musical artists, I’m a friend and ally. With an extensive list of credits, including numerous albums and singles, Ive partnered with local artists and national brands to sell records, digital downloads, merchandise, and much more.

Engineer Producer and Mixer

I am a Cleveland based engineer producer and mixer with over a decade of experience working with a huge variety of local regional and national acts. Since 2009 i have worked on a multitude of projects including Lighthouse and the Whaler and Cloud nOthings. Since I began my career in 2007 and studying at a secret music recording society and graduating from intern to staff engineer and working in the West until moving back to Cleveland. I thrived within the Cleveland music scene and Bad Racket has become a household name in the heart of Cleveland Music Industry. I was have been featured in numerous articles and press coverage about Bad Racket. With at 3,800 sq ft space, in the heart of downtown Cleveland, we have a well rounded team of music veterans, artists, producers, and engineers as well as video production specialists. My reputation as a freelance artists and mixer and studio professional is all at your disposal. I have a purpose built space in the heart of rock and roll city, Cleveland Ohio. Ask any of the artists I’ve worked with they’ll take about my enthusiasm, and unassuming ear, and recognize my skills as a key component of their work Listen to my stuff, the work speaks for itself.

Contact me for your next project or to come see the recording studio in person and talk about your vision for your next project.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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