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Professional Recording Studio Opportunity

Hello, my name is James Kananen and I’m the owner and operator of Bad Racket Recording studio in Cleveland, OH. I have a lot of experience with music technology and I would love for you to see my recording studio. I do recording in the booth, as well as effects and mixing for audio as

Gaining Experience in the Recording Studio

Gaining experience in the studio can be tough, but not as tough as you might think. Maybe you’ve tried to apply to recording studios via the web, or looked on popular websites for jobs but nothing seems to be coming up. Through extensive online research you have found studios, but that internship just never panned

A chance to work in the studio

My name is James Kananen and I started off as an at-home producer and audio engineer. I have been working professionally with audio for over 10 years, when I began my career as a full time audio engineer. I could send you a resume, but it wouldn’t be as good as checking out my work.

Cleveland Recording Studios: Bad Racket

Check out these photos from the recording studio! Bad Racket is Cleveland’s #1 recording studio. We do recording, mixing and mastering from our studio in Cleveland Ohio. Check out our advanced state of the art recording studios, in Cleveland Ohio. Our high end studios are well equipped for voice over work, music, or commercial

Record Producer and Audio Engineer

[cue upbeat music] My Name is James Kananen and I’m a record producer, audio engineer, mixer, producer, and artist in Cleveland Ohio. I try to make bands the best versions of themselves possible, and I try not to push my own opinions on other peoples style, and I’d rather have a little imperfection to capture