Music Recording and Production Services in Cleveland Ohio

Commercial Voice Over Recording and Production

Commercial VO and dialog recording for Commercial Video, Audio and

Audio Post Production, Mixing and Mastering

I do all sorts of post production, mixing and mastering from my Studio in Cleveland 

Music Recording and Production

I specialize in recording and production for punk rock music, as well as hip hop, rap,  alternative, hardcore and metal as well as Jazz, Classical, Pop, Acoustic, etc. There isn’t hardly anything I won’t record.

Mastering from my Studio in Cleveland

I do mastering from my studio in downtown Cleveland. Check out

Podcast and Audiobook Production

Podcast and Radio Drama production including Audiobooks and radio show episodes.

Sound Design Services

I do sound design for movies and film as well as commercial production, video games, and audio dramas. We can make custom music, or add sound effects.

Audio Restoration and Mastering

Forensic Audio restoration remastering for the best quality possible.   

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