Audio Post Production with Me: James Kananen Sound and Audio Supervisor

Audio Post Production & Sound Design

Need help with audio and sound supervision on a film or video project? I offer a wide range of services from audio mixing and post production, to foley and sound design for film.

Having great audio can mean the difference between people hearing the dialog or understanding the plot or falling flat and confused because the audio was bad and too many problems prevented viewers from discerning the speech.

A lot goes into audio post production that people may not realize, but I have experience with audio post production for full length feature films, with skills like production dialog editing, voiceover, ADR and Voice Over, score, sound design, immersive ambience experience to audiences around the world.

Audio Post Production & Sound Design
  • Sound and Audio Supervision
  • ADR Voice over and Dialog Editing or Replacement
  • Foley and Sound Design
  • Musical Composition and Scoring for Film
  • Mixing ReRecording Dubbing and other Post Production

Production Sound Editing and Post Production

After file delivery, I can help mixn down production audio into a seamless pass of diablog through the entire work. Most productions have multi track audio, and different mics like lavaliers and boom microphones to capture on set dialog. SOmetimes, it’s not the best, and needs re-recorded, or other times the set dialog is clean enough to use for the scene. ]

Audio Post Production & Sound Design

Usually at the very least, some fine tuning and editing of lines to remove any handling noise or clothes rustling on lavalier microphones, Usually, we can at least downplay distracting potential problems in the audio source material to polish your audio recorded on location to bend with sound effects, lines recorded in the studio later, and music or environmental ambiences.

We can re-record any lines in our recording studio in Cleveland, or you can send recorded lines from anywhere in the world to be mixed down in our award winning film mixing stage equipped with exceptional monitors and a balanced audicton system to ensure your film and sound work sounds great for audiences everywhere.

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