Cleveland Recording Studio: Bad Racket

James Kananen Recording at Cleveland Recording Studio Bad Racket

Cleveland Recording Studio Bad Racket
As a well established and successful professional audio recording engineer and recording studio owner, I have a lot of experience for over 10 years professionally with recording, mixing, mastering, and post production including music production, audio books, commercial recording, voice overs, and various recording and music projects from nearly every type of musical genre imaginable. Our studio has an awesome collection of microphones, preamps,. compressors, analog and digital recording gear including logic, pro tools, and an acoustically treated recording booth, control room, and a large recording room suitable for drums or large groups. I mostly do music production and commercial recording, but I’m interested in almost any voice or music recording project.

Bad Racket Recording Studio, Cleveland, OH

Having such a great space to record mix and produce music really makes a difference in the final product. Every project is slightly different, and we optimize our strategy depending on the end goal, and with attention to details and ready to compete market ready mixes for music, video and film. We have an optimal listening and recording environment located in downtown Cleveland. We produce music and sound and do post production for different music, film, and commercial projects.

Control Room

Our acoustically treated main control room features state of the art digital and analog technology as well as several high quality studio monitors. With accurate and balanced listening environment , we can make choices and fine tune the audio for playback on a variety of systems., From home theaters, to laptops and cellphones, dr dre beats headphones, and many more, we can tailor the EQ and dynamics to work any playback system.

Using our extensive library of sound effects, synthesizers,  musical instruments, and digital tools, as well as the gear and tools from our recording studio,  we can help create an effective soundscape for your production. We record custom sounds, as well as use samples and pre recorded sounds and loops to create creative masterpieces. I have the tools and space to deliver exceptional work, and with your help, we can take your project to the next level.


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