Sound Mixer Sound Designer and Producer

Sound Mixer Sound Designer and Producer
Recording Studio Engineer Cleveland Ohio
Music Production Studio Cleveland Ohio

Hi I’m James Kananen and I’m an recording studio engineer, and Film Producer from Cleveland Ohio (well sort of). With more than a decade of experience with sound and audio i have the the expertise to enhance the production quality of your project.

Sound Mixer and Music Production in the Recording Studio

In my recording studio in Cleveland, I have the equipment and environment to record almost any project with a large recording area and space for an entire band or small orchestra or choir. Drums sound awesome in here, as do guitar, bass, vocals, in the live recording room, or in the recording both. With a sophisticated control room and monitoring in acoustically designed environment for sound production and audio mixing, I am full equipped to mix, and produce audio and sound for music, commercial, or film.

Mixing for Film and Audio Post Production

When your Film or Video project comes to me, I help with the audio post production, and sound design. My mixing editing and other adjustments will help clean up the audio and allow you to follow the dialog and hear exciting sound effects or increase drama or audience engagement with music. I work in a studio all day, so I hear a lot of different material, and I know how to add the special spice to hone in on creative engaging content.

From making sure the sound will play back properly, and adhering to specification for production and distribution standards, we can make an amazing mix that will dazzle and astound your audiences in theaters, at home, or on laptops or other hand held devices. With our sound sample libraries and special effects, we can record or facilitate custom foley and sound effects for your production, in addition to re-recording dialog, sound design details like music and ambiance, we have the tools to make your film or commercial ready to capture the attention of viewers.

Music Production in Cleveland

Music production is fun again! Let’s talk about recording, mixing, and mastering your music at my recording studio! I love to hear new music and to create new music that hasn’t been recorded before. Let’s work together to make something awesome.


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