Music Services from My Studio in Cleveland

Music Services from My Studio in Cleveland

Mixing and Mastering
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I offer premier mixing and mastering services from our control room of our studios in cleveland.I am very experienced with many times of music and commercial audio. I have an array of professional studio gear and  the latest software like Pro Tools and Logic X. With top quality industry standards, I have the best studio in Cleveland for mixing and mastering. Remaster old tracks, or mix up previously recorded material.

With advanced audio restoration techniques, I can recover less than perfect audio for something that is usable when re-recording is not an option. Even when controlling as many different variables as you can, sometimes things happen outside of your control or mistakes are mad. Even with excessive noise, or intrusive sounds, I can remove the excess sound and remove noise that can result in unsatisfactory audio. With advanced audio restoration similar to how forensic audio labs reconstruct unintelligible audio, I can remove clipping, or reduce or repair snaps cracks and extraneous noises.

With mastering, I put the final touches on the mixed material before its ready for realize. Making sure your music will sound great on any system, including headphones,cell phones, and hifi and studio monitor systems, I make your recordings  cleaner, enhancing depth, and making sounds punchier, louder and more balanced.


Tracking Vocals or other music at our Studio in Cleveland

I do recording and tracking of multirack material at my studio downtown. From podcasts and audiobooks to radio shows and rap and hip hop, we have many guests from the community at the recording studio downtown.

Over the years mixing has become second nature to me. From capturing clear dialog, to mixing and applying effects, it’s my job to capture the cleanest recordings possible, and them mix it all down in to a cohesive production.  With balanced dynamics and EQ from mid-side EQ or multiband compression, i can make lackluster tracks shine, or help polish rough mixes into a final product ready to compete in any market. With today’s music destined primarily for digital downloads, with physical mediums like vinyl CD cassette or 8 track being used almost never, I see the need to make sure your masters are clean and clear, with specification ideal for your target destination. With mastered music, you prevent intersample peaks and distortion to optimize the final masters for potential file conversion to mp3 or similar compressed audio files. Today’s music needs to be ready for itunes, bandcamp, spotify, and more. Mastering for vinyl requires a special approach, with the lows centered in the stereo image, and without as much hard panning for optimum wear of the vinyl record. When approaching a mastering project, I often ask, where is this going, and what other material do we need to match the volume level to ensure proper playback. I can make your audio pop, or not. It can be mono or stereo, or I  can provide you with mp3 or high quality wavs or aiffs. As always, I hope to eliminate a fake or hyped sound, and go for a more natural dynamic range usually, but I’m ready to go there if you want to take it to 11.

The true art of mixing sound or recording sound is doing the best you can, and listening with a critical ear. We can cultivate an emotion connection with the performance, and mix your performance, balancing the different elements to take your sound to the next level. I want you to reach your fullest potential. Using equalizers, compressors, expanders, limiting and creative saturation and effects like reverb delay and modulation effects we can create sonic textures and craft tones that fit balanced and full in the mix without clouding or muddying up any of the instruments, I like to focus on the space and interest within the material and by playing it back from a few different speakers at my studio, i can mix together an awesome result.

I’m looking forward to new projects and I’m ready to start recording, mixing and mastering your music today!

With world class results from our recording studio in Cleveland, I can bring a level of professional production to your commercial or music production. Providing industry proven tools for professional results. I have helped many musicians and voice actors, choosing from our arsenal of microphones , high quality microphone preamps, and top knoch skills, I am ready to meet the demands of almost any project, whether it’s in the cleveland recording studios or on through collaboration online with our recording studios from somewhere else.

Schedule a session or contact me to talk about your career in the music industry as a music producer or artist, or ask me about almost anything, and I will give you my honest opinion even if

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