Recording Studio FAQ: About My Studio in Cleveland

Here are some answers to Frequently asked questions about the recording studio in Cleveland.Recording Studio FAQ

Who came up with the name Bad Racket?

Mostly Thomas Fox, but I wanted to call the studio Ferret Island.

What’s the story behind the name Bad Racket?

The studio was housed below a graphic design studio called Go Media.

How much does studio time cost?

Studio time starts at $50/hr. Services like Commercial Voice over or ADR recording may cost more.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No, but a deposit may be required for new clients.

Can I use an outside producer or engineer?

We will at least need to provide you with an assistant if you are producing your own material. But new engineers and music makers are welcome in our studio in downtown Cleveland.

Do you have Phone Patch or ISDN service?

Yes! We use source connect or skype ISDN alternative, because ISDN is not offered in the area for phone patch in the US. We may use other options for international calls. But we can patch in your producer, your biggest fan, or whoever as long as they are quiet on the other end of the line.

Can we load in beforehand?

Yes! an early load in is ok but you have to arrange it beforehand,

Can you provide musicians for my studio session at Bad Racket?

We can provide musicians from the local music scene at a rate of $100 per player per day.

Can we tour the studio before we commit?

Of course, but you will need to make an appointment before hand to come check it out.

What is the food and beverage policy at the studio?

We allow food and legal beverage consumption, but no eating wings on the mixing board, and no water or drinks near the equipment !

What types of recording projects do you do?

TL;DR: Almost anything.

We do all sorts of Voice recording, rock bands and rap music, commercial dialog recording, or books, commercial recording, commercial recording for film and TV, VO for video. Whatever you are recording a small project, or a big production such as a band,  orchestra, or choir, we have the tracking space to accomodate your needs. Our 3 large studio rooms for recording and attached control room is centrally located in Downtown Cleveland. We have 2 large tracking rooms and an recording booth for isolation. With triple thick windows and professionally acoustically treated sound stages, we provide optimum recording experience for musicians that want to track live, as well as isolation for punching in, or the ability to re-do parts so you can sound your very best. From singer songwriters, to bands and voice-voers, we have the professional recording equipment, effects, and production skills to make your project awesome. From Pre- production to editing and mixing and mastering, to duplication and uploading your tracks with professionalism to the highest degree. Our recording studios are outfitted with an array of analog outboard gear and 24 channels of DAW and mix bus summing and state of the art plugins and the latest software.


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