Music Producer and Audio Recorder in Cleveland Ohio: James Kananen

I live by a work hard play hard attitude. and I have been hungry for meaningful and lasting business relationships since i moved to Cleveland in 2009. In the wickedly fast paced environment of the music industry I’ve comfortably maintained control in a seemingly maniacal environment. At Bad Racket, our recording studio, we are empathetic to customers needs and our technology is first rate. We have been ruthlessly fighting for the underdog, and building alliances within the community. We care deeply for our customers, and our family has proven that, and has proven through the years, that storytelling is the heart of  showcasing unique perspectives. With a passion for the arts and a “whatever it takes” attitude, I bring hard work and disciplined “grab the bull by the horns” type attitude to audio recording, and mixing and mastering audio. Our high performance music technology and an all-star team, as well as a insatiably competing attitude, will ensure the best quality to your performance. We can weed out the bad takes together, and embrace our inner nerd and a passion for learning.

Audio engineer and Music Producer

As a full time audio engineer and business owner, artists should consider Bad Racket Recording studio when looking for the best recording studio in Cleveland Ohio. We record all styles of music including metal, punk, garage, rock, rap, and hip-hop. I do music production and arrangement and collaboration with artists, which can be paramount to completing your vision in the way you want to hear it, and assistance with marketing and crowd funding to grow your market and connect with your fan base to fund your project. Reach new audiences and follow useful strategies for social media to garnet support for your project.

Recording Mixing and Mastering from, our Our recording studios in Cleveland

from full band tracking, to mixing and mastering., We can take your project from ideas to conception and the finishing touches. It can be country, Pop, Americana, blues, acoustic or classical it doesn’t matter.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

James Kananen Audio Engineer Cleveland Ohio