Cleveland Recording Studios: Bad Racket

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Bad Racket Recording Studios

Bad Racket is Cleveland’s #1 recording studio. We do recording, mixing and mastering from our studio in Cleveland Ohio. Check out our advanced state of the art recording studios, in Cleveland Ohio. Our high end studios are well equipped for voice over work, music, or commercial media production.

Need a professional recording studio located in Cleveland ohio for artists and the community, not a private home studio unavailable to the public? Bad Racket is a historic recording studio from the heart of the rust belt and the cleveland music community. We are digital media professionals who want to help bring your project to life. Recording or mixing in one of our analog to digital studios located in Cleveland ohio is easy and fun.

Cleveland has a lot to offer when is comes to talent. Our recording studio is well know in Cleveland for producing some of Cleveland’s best new acts.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer James Kananen brings sounds to life in our Cleveland Ohio studios. As a freelance engineer, and musicians, he brings mixing,mastering and the best recordings to local musical artists and commercial talents. In addition to an engineer for rock and roll, I also an a production sound mixer, location recordist, audio post production mixer and sound designer.

Bad Racket, this professional recording studio became a pioneer of the cleveland music community in around 2010, and has been active since, recording acoustic and electric music as well as on location sound. So many great artists have recorded here, and from comncep to creating, i’m ready for Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock and Roll, or almost any music or sound recording project.

Bad Racket is Cleveland’s high end professional recording studio with Neve, SSL and decent outboard, Pro TOols HD, and a great mic selection. Whether your an engineer, artist, or just looking for spolke place to look out of, we are one of the best studios to work out of. As long as you use Pro Tools, Logic, Audition or almost any other DAW, you can come here to work from, start to finish.

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