Gaining Experience in the Recording Studio

Gaining Experience in the Recording Studio 1

Gaining experience in the studio can be tough, but not as tough as you might think. Maybe you’ve tried to apply to recording studios via the web, or looked on popular websites for jobs but nothing seems to be coming up. Through extensive online research you have found studios, but that internship just never panned out. YOu may have a degree, or just a desire to learn about audio engineer and the professional world of media production and music development. Before I entered school, i thought my grasp of computers and thirst for knowledge was enough, but even after schoolin and courses in media arts, and recording engineering and technology, knowledge of equipment, hardware and software knowledge, and a grasp of DAW use and recording was not enough to launch my career. I had lightweight experience on the music side of the spectrum, and a fantastic musical ear from playing various instruments and or singing in bands and solo projects, with internships in studios, and live music venues, where i learned the importance of a how to interact with musicians artists and other engineers in the studio to get the best performance out of the talent. I’ve always had a passion for music and helping other people, so why not sit on the other side of the glass and help people personally and professionally through music. I’ve had a lot of experience in recording sessions, from scheduling and collecting payment to creating content for youtube and other social media. The experience i have gained is ready to work for you in the music industry, or any other music or sound related freelance employee, that can help you and your organization or company.

I would be honored to help you or your organization. For more information you can #contact me.