Record Producer and Audio Engineer

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My Name is James Kananen and I’m a record producer, audio engineer, mixer, producer, and artist in Cleveland Ohio. I try to make bands the best versions of themselves possible, and I try not to push my own opinions on other peoples style, and I’d rather have a little imperfection to capture your unique sound. From the initial live tracking,  By putting them in a room together, we can capture the feeling of your performance. I don’t try to impart my personal tastes on the artist. The whole process is important, from pre-producion and if the foundation is bad everything you put on top of it is in the wrong spot.

The Recording Studio in Cleveland

We have a 1000 sq ft Most of the projects Im doing are bands together, so live recording is our specialty.  Everyone can have headphones on and hear what the want to hear in our large performance space. With floated floors and acoustic treatment, from hard rock to full jazz band saxophones, piano, synths and keyboards. We have different techniques for The most important things for me is making the bands look comfortable. We can switch things up and try something else. If its not feeling right, we can try live takes as a band, or change things up. If the band wants to come in and recording drums them go instrument by instrument that is fine too, Typically i’m hired for technical aspect of recording, putting up the microphones, so the producer role also comes into play, a lot of times may not have a producer or a clear vision of the road from tracking and recording to Recording is kind of a weird thing. It’s that performance of that sound in the room, a snapshop, like a photograph, Recording can be a treacherous process, I can help be a guide along the way.