Voice Over, Music Production, and Sound recording from my Recording Studio in Cleveland

Voice Over, Music Production, and Sound recording from my Recording Studio in Cleveland 1
Voice Over, Music Production, and Sound recording from my Recording Studio in Cleveland

I specialize in recording, mixing, and mastering of music and sound. I’m a recording studio engineer and producer from Cleveland, OH, operating mostly out of my recording studio Bad Racket.

As an Ohio based sound mixer, recording studio engineer and music producer. I do recording, post production, and sound design for streaming market ready commercial, music, film, TV and radio. As a audio engineer for over 10 years, I have done it all from recording dialog for TV shows and commercials, to producing original foley and sound effects for movies and full length feature films. I also produce and mix music so everything from rock bands to hip hop, rap, and voice over artists are all well within my experience.

I do music mastering which is the final stage of music or sound production before physical production or digital distribution. I help ensure your mix will be sounding good on any reproduction system, as well as make your recordings more balanced, louder, or enhance dynamics for digital release or vinyl or other analog release. I make sure your mixes are polished and ready to compete on the global marketplace.

The true art of mixing is often misunderstood. A serious music ear and taste is an acquired skill developed over time, not something you can buy with a million dollars worth of gear. You have to listen carefully and then apply the correct frequency and gain reduction or boost. If things aren’t balanced or the voice may sound harsh or unprofessional for a variety of reasons, but a proper recording environment, equipment, and the skills to know how to adjust it, can help bring your sound to the next level. Using Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, Garageband, Studio One, Ableton, Reason, FL Studio, Audacity, or almost any other recording program, we can capture the best performance to make sure the sound is right before we mix. Whether you’re a rap artist, or looking to record a whole live band,m you need to capture the right sound from the start, and take care to apply the right kinds of effects to capture the right vibe for what you are going for. With careful choice of microphones, mic placement, preamplifiers, and outboard gear, like 500 series modules, we can capture the right tones to make your music or sound the best if can be. Every great record starts with the artist and their creative vision, may change over time, but a genuine effort to create creative work that is engaging with audiences will go from getting the right vibe to listening back to the perfect mix.

Commercial or Label Contact varies from getting handed a check from the owner, to working with large corporate structures, and teams of the best marketing, business, and some of the sharpest people in the industry. With years of experience capturing different types of dialog and sound, I have the highest quality possible, with the lowest price I can afford to charge and keep the studio maintained and the bills paid. We go from making sure all the ambiences and vibe is right, to crafting a mix that fits with your vision of the final mixdown. Your sound will be more balanced, clearer, and through use of digital and analog effects and production techniques, I can deliver top notch results.