How to Become a Music Producer

A music producer makes music. So how will you make music? A music producer can work with musicians who play instruments, or play the instruments. From kick drum sounds, to the final vocal, the music producer is instrumental in crafting your sound. You need to create music. That’s really it. Almost anyone can be a

Professional Recording Studio Opportunity

Hello, my name is James Kananen and I’m the owner and operator of Bad Racket Recording studio in Cleveland, OH. I have a lot of experience with music technology and I would love for you to see my recording studio. I do recording in the booth, as well as effects and mixing for audio as

Music Production and Recording

At Bad Racket recording studio, music production and recording is a breeze. You can hire me professionally to produce record mix and master your music, sound, or voice over project. I specialize in helping artists connect with audiences, and am committed to a high level of artistic integrity. Whether you’re new to recording and songwriting,

Recording Audio in the Recording Studio

We record and manipulate audio in the recording studio every day to make music and sound. If you’re recording to a track, or recording live as a band, it’s usually important to record to some sort of steady beat or tempo. This is where the tempo click track or metronome comes in. Usually recording in

Falafular Proquencer – the Sequencer Programmer Eurorack Module Video

A while back I was browsing gearslutz, and came across this video for the Falafular Proquencer which is designed by Niels Kloet in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Proquencer is both a programmer and sequencer. As with similar modules, it works sort of like a keyboard. Push an activator button and a sound is produced by