How to Become a Music Producer

A music producer makes music. So how will you make music? A music producer can work with musicians who play instruments, or play the instruments. From kick drum sounds, to the final vocal, the music producer is instrumental in crafting your sound.

You need to create music. That’s really it. Almost anyone can be a music producer, the difference is really who makes stuff that is interesting enough that its worth listening to. If you just have a basic loop, no difference from the first part to the second part. It’s unlikely you have little more than a loop. It’s not a song. Try A part B part, then repeat it again, A part B part, then C part and back to A part for a classic format. Or ABAB is often enough for a pop song.

Break it down. Leave a section without bass or drums for a different effect, or layer a small solo or instrumental section can be a fun way to break things up.

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