Analog VS Digital Who Cares?

Here’s something people like to bullsht about. Analog vs Digital. Oh digital is cold and analog is warmer. Oh I like analog better, I like digital. Who cares? You can’t keep your analog files on cassette or tape machine forever these days and be very successful in a digital world can you? Is all analog

Restore Hardwood Floors without Too Much Hassle

  Restore Hardwood Floors without Too Much Hassle You don’t have to completely sand down to bare wood and start over. Sometimes just a fresh coat of finish over the top, or clear coat can be just the ticket to restoring your hardwood floors. Hardwood floor refinishing is easy, and with a little sandpaper, a

HyperMax Audio from Cleveland, Ohio

Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland with hypermax audio, and high performance sound. With wood and acoustic panel construction we have a compact lightweight design build for superior performance and durability. Featuring microphones at quick and easy access, as well as improved life and durability of your recordings, we have the speed and