In the Production Studio with Crew or Team

In the Production Studio with Crew or Team 1

I can help you if you need any of the following:

Animation | Graphic Artist Art Department | Props | Practical Special Effects Camera Operator | DP, Digital Media Director | Producer, Film | TV | Production Crew, Lighting | G and E, Live Event Crew | AV Technician, Location Scout | Location Manager Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist | Wardrobe Stylist| Costume Designer, Marketing & Distribution | Public Relations Professional Photographer | Production Manager | Coordinator, Sound Mixer | Recordist | Audio Professional, Student, Talent | Actor | Actress, Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist | Post Production Professional, Video Production, Voiceover Artist

In addition I am regularly in touch with professionals who are involved in any or some of the following for film or video production:

Advertising Agency | Marketing Services Company, Animation | Graphic Design Services, Audio Post | Recording Services, Crewing | Production Services, Equipment | Camera | Vehicle Rentals, Equipment Manufacturer | Sales, Industry Organization | Union | Film Commission, Lighting Equipment | Grip Rental, Live Event Production Management, Post Production | Video Motion Graphics Services, Production Companies, Production Insurance | Accounting | Payroll Services | Legal Services | Prop Rentals | Set Construction | Set Supplies, Software | Data Storage, Stock Footage | Photos | Music Studios | Sound Stages | Filming Locations | Production Office Facilities, Talent Management | Casting Agency, Television | Cable Network, University | Trade School filming locations

Almost no production is too small or too large.

You could be an individual, a advertising agency, or marketing agency, business owner, event planner, human resources specialist, PR or Marketing professional, or some other type of person in need of audio or video production.


Please contact me to talk about where to find your next crew.