Mix Select: Premium Mixing and Mastering from James Kananen Recording

Hola Amigos! No hablo Español Siento  and Hello My Friends and Family

As you know my name is James Kananen and I’m an independent producer and recording engineer from Bad Racket Studios my Cleveland Recording Studio. I’d like to offer you a special opportunity called Mix Select, a professional mixing and mastering process I’ve created as a service to the music community. I work to offer professional mixing and mastering services from my recording studio in Cleveland. By supporting me, you support a local producer engineer and studio owner from Cleveland, Ohio. I help artists, producers and songwriters of the world of music I showcase in my music reel, and commercial partners from the Commercial recording selection.

I’m into songwriting and keeping organic culture alive and I’m here to support local and independent music culture alive in Cleveland. Let’s talk about 100% music music production coverage from pre-production, to file delivery and re-mixes. Whether you’re looking for a local recording studio or looking online for recording studios, I can help you craft your tracks into finely polished professional sounding  work.




Mix Select: Premium Mixing and Mastering from James Kananen Recording 3


James Kananen is an Audio Engineer from Bad Racket Recording Studio in Cleveland


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