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Falafular Proquencer – the Sequencer Programmer Eurorack Module Video

A while back I was browsing gearspace, and came across this video for the Falafular Proquencer which is designed by Niels Kloet in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Proquencer is both a programmer and sequencer. As with similar modules, it works sort of like a keyboard. Push an activator button and a sound is produced by

Cleveland Recording Studios: Bad Racket

Check out these photos from the recording studio! Bad Racket is Cleveland’s #1 recording studio. We do recording, mixing and mastering from our studio in Cleveland Ohio. Check out our advanced state of the art recording studios, in Cleveland Ohio. Our high end studios are well equipped for voice over work, music, or commercial

Cleveland Rap Studio: wit Homie G Fam

Ah YES the finast rap studio. U kno we stay lit fam. Get fresh out side then blow ya smoke out there. We dont smoke inside bra . You gotta smoke outside bra. Game. Hit me up homie. You know what time it is. Time to record in Clevelands best recording studio Bad Racket .

Samson SL2 Review

Samson SL2 Review Cheap mic. Sounds like dog crap. Use it to record dog farts or any other flatulance. Don’t use it for music. Don’t use it for voice. Don’t use it for anything if you can. Buy a better mic. Shure and Sennheiser are reputable companies with mics that are better. Not garbage like

James Kananen Recording

I’ve been doing this my whole life. Making art and music. Being around a lot of creative folks and hundreds of local, national and regional collaborations gives me a unique perspective as a professional in the industry. While working on a variety of live recording projects, as well as hundreds of studio credits for artists

HyperMax Audio from Cleveland, Ohio

Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland with hypermax audio, and high performance sound. With wood and acoustic panel construction we have a compact lightweight design build for superior performance and durability. Featuring microphones at quick and easy access, as well as improved life and durability of your recordings, we have the speed and