Studio Information: My Recording Studio in Cleveland Bad Racket

My Recording Studio in Cleveland Bad Racket

My Recording Studio Information:

Bad Racket is located in Downtown Cleveland Ohio. As a Cleveland based recording studio we are committed to providing quality services for audio recording. We record mix and master audio in the studio. We can help you with your photography and video services as well. Bad Racket recording studios is a 5 star rated business and we do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Location of the Recording Studio

the studio is located at 2220 superior near east 23rd st and superior ave downtown near CSU.

The studio is a large professional recording and listening environment. It has all the proper acoustic treatment and its not a small home studio. We have Pro Tools and Logic, as well as the latest software to record edit and mix your music or sound project on the computer. Originally designed for sound, and with no parallel walls, or analog mixing board and variety of 500 series preamps and vintage equipment and junk from the prehistoric era before Pro Tools was invented and the music industry went digital. The visual design of the studio features a control room, live recording room and recording booth.  In addition to these rooms there are several other rooms for guitars and other spaces for recording as well.