Recording Studio Services

Recording Studio Services

Recording Studio Services

You may have already heard about all the incredible recording gear at Bad Racket and how amazing I am as an audio engineer and producer, but there are many other reasons for choosing Bad Racket as a Recording studio in Cleveland. You might waste your time trying to do it yourself or work with someone less experienced for a lower price in hopes that by magic the end product will be the same, and there are many other engineers and mixers who are just as capable as we are, but if you want the best bang for your buck, and not have to waste your time learning what sound you like, when we can provide a focused polished product in less time, and work closely with you to get the best result achievable.

Come and visit our recording studio.

You are welcome to make an appointment to check out our recording studio for any reason. Let’s talk about how to help each other achieve new amazing music, sound, and video! Check out our recording studio services, or rates page.  Book your next recording or mix session today. We offer mixing and recording from our Cleveland Ohio studios.

Recording Music and Sound

We do all sorts of recordings including vocal recording, music and bands, hip hop and rap music, soloists, and large groups including choirs and orchestras. Great care must be taken in the selection of microphones and setting the levels and balancing the sound right. Capturing the best sound possible from the start is paramount. Recording vocals in the booth is more than just a winning microphone and preamp combination, but a set of experienced ears behind the glass. Vocal performance is an art form and a combination of critical factors come into play when recording. A professional recording studio environment takes the guess work, and starts out sounding better than an amateur home recording studio.

Mixing Music and Sound

Mixing is the perfection of listening, and the choices you make can make or break a track. It could be the difference between a hit and a lack luster start. It used to be that mixing was performed with an analog tape machine and a big analog mixing board, but now a days most mixing that goes on is inside the digital realm of the computer. We use a Mac with Logic and Pro Tools, as well as the latest state of the art analog recording and processing tools to make sure there are no mistakes made in the mixing process. We have superior mixing capabilities through the use of our analog and digital system, bringing warm and exciting analog tones to the digital age. There are several points in which analog warmth and nice sound to the signal. During the tracking, during  the mixing and during the mastering as well. At all stages, we can process analog and digital tracks with hardware devices and digital plugins to achieve a nice mix.

500 Series Modules

We have a variety of 500 series analog modules which can be swapped out or adjusted for your individual needs. With so many different types of modules out on the marketing including SSL, NEVE, Hairball Audio, Elysia, DBX and Radial, it’s hard to know which sounds will sound good. That’s where I come in. As a veteran of the music industry since 1886 I have traveled hundreds of years into the future to deal with this crap and select the best sound for your record.

Analog processing can be the difference between flat sounding tracks in Pro-Tools, and nice warm analog sound. After we track using the 500 series modules, we process the tracks using digital emulation of analog devices. We can also experience with analog summing (similar to the Dangerous Music analog summer) By routing the output of the 500 series modules with sounds from Neve and SSL, we can mix down the the tracks using analog summing or other hardware devices.

Mixing in 2018 not 2088

Further processing takes place inside the computer as e apply EQ and compression to individual tracks as well as globally through the mastering process. Our high quality custom digital clock and high quality studio control room monitors will make your sound overall better and ready for the next level using the best audio and visual tools possible.

Come visit our Recording Studio

You are welcome to come talk about your next project and see what room fits you and your project the best. Contact through bad racket to book your visit to  our Recording studio today!

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