Audio Mixing and Post Production

Audio Post Production and Mixing in Cleveland

I can help mix audio to make it sound better and more professional. Although a lot matters how and where the sound was recorded, sometimes its just the finishing touches that can make the sonic texture and tonal characteristics sound balanced, full, and realistic. Whether its a music project, or sound for video, interview, or commercial production, we can apply the latest tools, as well as vintage and vibes, my expert ear will leave the mix sounding cleaner, more balanced. When necessary, I can apply noise reduction or spectral repair of damaged or less than desirable content into professional, clean, tracks. Having a controlled mixing environment can make your TV, or  commercial production translate well to many different types of playback systems. I can provide you with whatever technical specification for whatever the distribution specification is or multiple formats for online streaming, digital distribution, vinyl or cassette tape duplication, CD 44.1k 16 bit wav files, or MP3s or any other compressed format for digital download.

Audio Mixing Board Fader Shot Black and White with buttons and knobs audio production technical angle shot


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