Recording in My Cleveland Recording Studios

Recording in my Cleveland Recording Studios

Recording in my Cleveland recording studio Bad Racket, downtown in Cleveland Ohio  means you’ll get the best quality possible. Using the best professional recording equipment, and the best and latest in multi track recording and the best samples and instruments available ensures that your project is the best it can be. With great sound, you don’t have to worry about if the quality will be bad, and you can concentrate on your performance.

Recording is an Artform, Let’s not Stress Out too Much About It

I’m pretty laid back. and I have a lot of experience recording, mixing, and audio production. With the best tools and the knowledge how to utilize them I provide the best sounding material possible. My acoustically treated room and high end microphones, speakers, and and experienced engineering background gives me a level of control and quality you won’t find anywhere else.

Recording in the Studio

My studio uses both digital and analog gear. Let’s talk about what approach would be best for your music we have a wide selection of tones and sounds to choose from, and we would welcome your own gear and input as well. Whether its an edgy sound or a more smoothe or smooth reverb we have many different effects to use after we record and were ready to mix.

Mixing and Mastering in the Studio or Online Through File Transfer

Mixing and Mastering is the final stage of audio post production. I can help polish the tracks for a professional result you will love. We can talk about different effects, and important times in the audio or sounds that are important to the music and sound production.


Lets talk about it!

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