Recording Services in Ohio

I offer a variety of Recording services in Ohio including mixing, recording, and live performance events. You can contact me to talk about what you do and see how we can work together on your next project!

Whether you do music production in Cleveland Ohio, or your a Big Shot from Nashville or even Dallas. I offer affordable rates by the hour, day, or week. I have the experience and tools to make your next song or recording project amazing.

Having a great sounding Studio space loaded with killer gear and an experienced ear, can really dial in your experience in our relaxed . Contact me to tour the studio, or talk about your next single, Vinyl record, or digital release.

My studio is square feet of music making space which can record up to 64 people at once. From Microphones ands modern production techniques paired with the finest analog gear and instruments, you can begin from tracking and recording, to mixing and listening back to the takes to choose the best one. I have the skills to make your project the best one yet.


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