Music Production and Recording

At Bad Racket recording studio, music production and recording is a breeze. You can hire me professionally to produce record mix and master your music, sound, or voice over project. I specialize in helping artists connect with audiences, and am committed to a high level of artistic integrity. Whether you’re new to recording and songwriting,

Recording Studio Layout and Design

Recording studios are performance spaces purpose built for recording, mixing, or mastering audio. The typical recording studio layout features the iconic glass window between rooms, so that the artist and recording studio engineer can see eachother, or so that the soloist or singer can see the band. It serves to allow visual information to pass

How to Play Acoustic or Electric Guitar

Guitar 101: How to play the guitar (Easy) Guitar is easy and fun. Check out the many videos on youtube for the many how to play guitar. In addition, there are apps for your phone, and many good books covering the subject, or consider taking lessons from a professional!   The Guitar Basics The left

Listening with Me the Producer in my Studio Bad Racket

Listening with Me the Producer in my Studio Bad Racket When we listen back to the tracks in the studio, we dive in to the nitty gritty, and capture the data that will later become the final record or track. What we initially record should be the best possible. The recording system at Bad racket

What Does A Music Producer Do?

What Does A Music Producer Do?   A music producer is a critical part of the of the recording session. The music producer is the person that makes sure every take is up to quality control standards. Making sure all the intonation of all the instruments is good, and the pitch of vocals or instruments

Who to Trust in the Music Industry

Who to Trust in the Music Industry Listen to your gut. If you get a really rapey vibe from someone, it’s a deal breaker. Dealing with pedos and rapists is part of the music industry and the reality of hollywood, New York, or almost any community. These people exist and you need to be aware

Music Producer and Audio Recorder in Cleveland Ohio: James Kananen

I live by a work hard play hard attitude. and I have been hungry for meaningful and lasting business relationships since i moved to Cleveland in 2009. In the wickedly fast paced environment of the music industry I’ve comfortably maintained control in a seemingly maniacal environment. At Bad Racket, our recording studio, we are empathetic

Cleveland Rap Studio: wit Homie G Fam

Ah YES the finast rap studio. U kno we stay lit fam. Get fresh out side then blow ya smoke out there. We dont smoke inside bra . You gotta smoke outside bra. Game. Hit me up homie. You know what time it is. Time to record in Clevelands best recording studio Bad Racket .

Record Producer and Audio Engineer

[cue upbeat music] My Name is James Kananen and I’m a record producer, audio engineer, mixer, producer, and artist in Cleveland Ohio. I try to make bands the best versions of themselves possible, and I try not to push my own opinions on other peoples style, and I’d rather have a little imperfection to capture