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James Kananen

Music Producer, Artist, & Audio Recording

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Listening with Me the Music Producer in my Studio Bad Racket in Cleveland

 I’m a creative minded audio production specialist. I work with audio for individuals, bands, and organizations for a living. My unique blend of project management and a careful ear to help you get the professional result you want at Bad Racket Recording Studio

When we listen back to the tracks in the studio, we dive in to the nitty gritty, and capture the data that will later become the final record or track. What we initially record should be the best possible. The recording system at Bad racket has been optimized over time. Using new Tools and technology for music production like Pro Tools, the latest plugins and samples.


We let our Nervous Systems get Stimulated from the Sound

That’s right, the sound goes into your head and stimulates the brain. Hopefully some fireworks happen and it hopefully begins to become something special. We let our left hemisphere brains analyse the sound, and also balance that with the right hemisphere creativity side to make something amazing right before your eyes.


Crafting an Emotional Response

Often times musicians aim to stimulate the emotional response of listeners. Whie everyone has personal preferences, we look forward to exploring new areas of expression. These skills of balance and listening are not easy to cultivate. I have a lot of experience making records and recordings, and the ability to change my views to incorporate new emotional responses, and look forward to listening to your material without prejudice, to make it the best ever.

It’s tough to listen to something 100 times and still have perspective for what the next step towards perfection might be, but from making notes of possible problems, and pulling from the best takes, and listening to it at a variety of levels and speakers, I can balance specific listening skills that benefit you the listener!


Music production begins with me (James Kananen) at Bad Racket Recording Studio.


What I Do

I’m a creative mixing and mastering engineer operating out of my Studio in Cleveland Ohio. I record mix and master audio for individuals, bands, and organizations professionally. My unique blend of project management and a careful ear to help you get the professional result you want, with the balancing of tones and careful adjustment of the dynamics of your music, speech, or sound. 


As an artist, I can help offer creative perspective in a meaningful and respectful way. Your unique vision and personal tastes are taken into account, Whether its vintage vibes or modern production techniques our somewhere in between, every project is unique and given careful consideration


A lot of people have home studios or producer studios that are only used by one person or group. We offer consultation for existing studios as well as new studio construction plans. An experienced ear can hear problems immediately and offer the most effective solution to improve your setup. Every ones work space is different, and we talk with you to understand that what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Recording Audio and Music

I have a lot of experience, and as a professional recording many different styles and content, from rock music, to commercial voice recording I take careful time to make sure your expectations for the project are met. From the microphone to the post production and mixing we have you covered.

Mixing and Post Production

An experienced ear will produce professional results quickly! Don’t expect hours of dabbling, things will sound right from the start, and if you have a problem with something, we have no problem fixing it to make it right. There’s no magic button, but we can take careful consideration to your taste in music to provide you with the best mix possible.

Mastering in Cleveland Ohio

“I take the time to “put the icing on the cake”. Mastering is the overall tonal adjustment and compression and other dynamics of the project. Whether it’s polishing off an album, or putting the final touches on a single project, we can help you with the final steps towards getting your stuff out there in the most professionally produced tracks. We can offer professional advice towards where to find the services you need to complete your project and get it into people’s ears. I can master audio for Film, Radio, and TV as well as cassette tape. What is the final format for your work? I can help put the finishing touches on an already exciting experience.

Recording Audio

It’s up to you whether you choose to record live as a band, the instruments separate, or a hybrid of the two. I work hard to capture your music appropriately given the context of your creative vision. Through careful choices of microphones, mic positions, and preamplifiers (sometimes their distortion too); everything sits together in a natural way before we even begin to mix.

Did you go to school for this? Is a question I get a lot. Quick answer. Yes. And I have a lot of experience with many types of projects. Helping people is what I do. I would be more than willing to offer advice to anyone willing to value my professional opinion. 

Sound Design

I can help with providing sound and effects for cinematic effect to your production, as well as recording custom sound effects and voice over.

Mixing Audio and Post Production for Sound

Using tools such as equalizers, compression, Multiband Expansion, Limiting, Saturation, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation, we can create textures and carve out a place for each instrument; Giving it focus, space, and interest. The true art of mixing music lies in cultivating an aesthetic sound that supports the emotional connection of the performance.

Mixing Audio

Whether its using EQ and tonal adjustments, or using compressors, limiters or expanders and gates to change the dynamics, you can expect careful consideration to your work, and listening to the audio, we can make the best choices together for your specific material.

Audio Production

Audio production begins with understanding your goals. I can help you with my unique skillset and experience in the professional audio world in Cleveland since 2009.

Commercial Sound

I can help with sound for Commercial sound and ADR Voiceover. Commercial production begins with a clear understanding of the project goals, and ends with a professional recording for your Radio, TV, Film, or video project.

Radio or Podcast Production

We can accomodate phone patch, guests, and have hosted a variety of podcasts and voice over productions for radio. We can record multiple speakers in a friendly relaxed environment. After recording we can edit and add in effects or music for a professional and creative touch.


Quality Time Records


Sweepy Heads
MA Holos
Ju Ju Shrine
Heart and Lung
Shale Satans
Christian Watson
Mary’s Lane

Dan Smith
Carpark Records
Carpark Records Cloud Nothings Live 12″

+E Band

Who Hit Me

Dead Sweaters


Listen Little Man
Old Boy
Max Stern
WMC Fest

Some Clients

Audio Recording Mixing and Mastering in Cleveland Ohio

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